Father to the Everlasting Father

Dec 5, 2021    Ben Gibson

The story of Jesus’ birth is told in such a matter of fact way. So simple is the telling of it, that we often forget the humanity of the people involved. History does that to us. Something happened in a far off place, at another time. It’s so black and white. We fail to sense the emotion of it all.

To that end, we think of Joseph, the man who would raise the Incarnate Son of God. He would be a father to the Everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace would call him dad. The Wonderful Counselor would be taught by him.

Outside of our text, we know very little about him. But how he responds to the news of Mary's pregnancy and the angel's message tells us everything we need to know. As the God-chosen human father of Jesus, Matthew 1:18 - 25 begs us to consider his character and to learn from him.