The Dilemma of Deep Things

Jan 22, 2023    Ben Gibson

We have not shied away from the deep end of the pool thus far in our study through Hebrews. In chapter 5:11 - 14, the writer puts his finger on a dilemma that develops out of the revealed mysteries of God in scripture. His readers, along with all of us as we read the sacred text, were tempted to believe something that isn't true about the Word. They through it wasn't for them. And that if it wasn't for them, it didn't matter to them practically speaking. It had no effect on them.

But understanding those mysteries is not just for the theologian or the erudite. God didn't reveal it to them so that they would have something to debate and write about. He gives His Word to His church, not just the scholar. The study of it may be academic, and it may require effort because it is challenging. But it is also highly practical, intended to bring life and light.