Faith in Consequence - Part 4

Jun 11, 2023    Ben Gibson

Verse 13 continues to serve as a summary statement concerning the patriarchs: “These all died in faith…”  The three men put forth as examples of genuine faith in verses 20 - 22 appear at the end of their lives. And that establishes the 4th consequence of faith - it welcomes death.

This is hardly a fascination with the macabre. It is a sobering preoccupation with heaven. It is a watchful longing to be with God, perfectly restored to the union with Him for which you were created.  Notably, the New Testament offers us a more practical and instructive view of death than what we see from the patriarchs. Join us Sunday at 10:00 AM as we study Hebrews 11:20 - 22 to find out how genuine faith meets the unknown of death head on.