Faith in Consequence - Part 1

May 21, 2023    Ben Gibson

The first illustration of faith takes us back to Genesis 4:1 - 10. Adam and Eve had two sons, who over the course of time, came to present offerings to the Lord. Abel, the younger, was accepted. Cain, the elder, was rejected. Why? The account in Genesis does not say. 

But Hebrews 11:4 does. Abel believed God. Because he believed God, he worshipped God. He brought his offering to God by faith. His faith pleased God, so God accepted His offering, and counted him as righteous. Thus, he leaves a legacy of faith that echoes through the ages.

The unmistakable conclusion is this: the first consequence of faith is worship. Long before the sacrificial system, people offered acceptable worship to God - by faith. Abel establishes this pattern. So, what do we learn from him about faith that worships?