Tabula Rasa

Jan 29, 2023    Ben Gibson

Tabula Rasa is a Latin phrase meaning scraped tablet. It refers to a writing tablet that has been erased, and it is an appropriate expression for our text because it is considered by many to be the most difficult to interpret in the entire book. The difficulty arises when systematized theology is placed ahead of biblical exposition, when preconceived ideas and opinions are forced upon the text. It is especially hard to understand when texts such as this one have been weaponized into a threat when that is not their purpose at all. God gives us these warnings as encouragement to preserve in our faith. They are mean to keep us safe. 

I don't want to force my opinion or doctrinal position on the text , even if it means I have to admit that I need to change my thinking or that I've gotten some things wrong. I want to approach this text with humility to know the truth and I want you to know it too. So, with our won tabula rasa, we are going to carefully set this warning given in hebrews 6:1 - 12 in its correct context so that we can understand it and make appropriate application.