Tabula Rasa - Part 3

Feb 12, 2023    Ben Gibson

I wonder if in our effort to understand this warning about falling away, we ask the wrong kinds of questions. We start looking for examples, and exceptions to explain our position instead of examining the truth. If a person falls away, they are not saved. Whether they ever were or never were, is irrelevant.

Why? Because saving faith perseveres. Among other things, perseverance is evidence that you are a covenant child of God, that you have the Holy Spirit, and that Jesus is interceding for you as your High priest. From our standpoint, it is the one way we can tell for certain that faith is genuine, something I think the writer indicates in verse 6.

As believers, this warning urges us to persevere, and with good reason. That brings us to our final application. God is sovereign and His salvation is sure. We will examine verse 3, and verses 9 - 20 this week as we finish up the chapter.