The Immeasurable Blessing of Glorification

Feb 11, 2024    Ben Gibson

We are told in the opening phrase of verse 11: "In him we have obtained an inheritance…"  And like our adoption, God determined our inheritance ahead of time. It is something that He foreordained according to His own purpose and by the counsel of His own will (v. 11).

Therefore, it is so certain that it is spoken of in the past tense, meaning that it could not possibly fail to happen. And yet, it is primarily in the future (v. 14). There are things that God has yet to accomplish, promises that He will keep in the future before we can fully enjoy this immeasurable blessing. We will receive the fullness of our inheritance when we are glorified in the kingdom to come.

Join us in this video as we examine our Inheritance, which is the immeasurable blessing of glorification from Ephesians 1:11 - 14.