rome vbs 2017 - paul and the underground church

Explore a crowded Roman marketplace, tip-toe past watchful Roman guards, encourage first-century Christians who meet in a dark cave, race chariots, and visit Paul for daily discoveries about God's love.

A Day in Rome

Want to see what the daily rotation at VBS looks like?  Check out the daily schedule below.


    The Extollo Leader will leads songs that reinforce the Bible Points and Bible verses. He or she will introduce the daily Point and encourage crews to look for ways they see that Bible truth in their Rome experiences.

  • family time

    Crews leaders will remind kids and adults of the Bible Point before they head into the Marketplace each day.  After their Marketplace experiences, Roman Families (crews) will gather to discuss the Bible Point and explore how it applies to real life.

  • marketplace

    Each shopkeeper, actor, or character will talk about what they believe about Paul and other Christ-followers.  Each person will play a role of someone who has a different opinion or viewpoint about God.  These characters will encourage kids and adults to think about and verbalize what they know about Jesus.

  • paul's house

    Paul is under house arrest, meaning he isn't in prison but he can't leave his home.  As Paul welcomes his visitors, he'll have the opportunity to share his teachings, writings, and experiences.  Paul encourages crews to share his message with his Christian friends, who must meet in secret.

  • underground church

    After meeting with Paul, crews will tiptoe to the Underground Church - that meets in a cave!  They'll worship like the early church used to and share words of encouragement from Paul.  One day, kids will even overhear guards who come searching for members of the Underground Church!

  • Daily Dramas

    Each day a "real-life" drama will take place in the middle of the Marketplace.   These surprise dramas help families connect Bible truths with everyday life.